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Lethbridge Police introduce Watch program

April 4, 2019

Lethbridge Police Services is now recruiting volunteers for The Watch program.

Lethbridge Police Services is hiring ten team leaders and taking on multiple volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds. The group will be wearing a red uniform, and calling themselves the Watch. Watch Program Manager Jeff Hansen has been on the job since Monday, and hopes the inactive will help with public perception and safety.

"Anytime you have eyes on the street, it just gives people a sense of security. (For example), maybe it's nine o clock at night, and there's a lady that's just finished shopping at Park Place mall, and feels uncomfortable. You know, walking out to her car. Well, that's one of the roles. We'll provide that safe walk to her vehicle to make sure that she gets home safe to her family."

LPS is recruiting 24 volunteers ages 18 and above, who will be trained and ready for their first shift by next month. Law enforcement and city officials are excited about the reaction they have already received from community members.

"My phone is ringing off the hook, and I'm getting e-mails off the hook. It's very very exciting," says LPS Community Engagement and Development Manager Mike Williamson

"We are setting ourselves up here where the community is going to be a true partner in helping us address public perceptions of safety, and making Lethbridge feel safe," added Police Chief Rob Davis

If you aren interested in joining the Watch program, Volunteer shifts will be four-hours in duration and volunteers must be willing to commit to a minimum of one, four-hour shift per week (four shifts per month).

Candidates will be required to pass a police information check. Volunteer applications are available at www.lethbridgepolice.ca/watch

Completed forms can be submitted in person at the police station or electronically by email to jeff.hansen@lethbridgepolice.ca