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Lethbridge Police reporting a significant increase in B&Es

September 24, 2019

LPS is urging residents to safeguard their property to reduce the risk of being the victim of break and enters.

Break ins in Lethbridge have increased by 22 per cent in just one year.

Police say from January to July of this year there were 78 break and enters per month. Some of the worst areas hit include Westminster, Downtown and London Road neighborhoods. According to Staff Sgt. Jason Walper of the Criminal Investigation Section, most of the cases could have been prevented.

"Make sure you always lock your doors. We've all fallen victim to not closing our doors, not locking our doors...myself included. We understand that this does happen, but certainly the more often we close and lock our doors, even when we're home working in the backyard the less likely you'll be falling victim to crimes of opportunities." 

In 29 per cent of residential break ins, the front door was left unlocked.