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Lethbridge School Division announces new boundary zones for schools

January 13, 2021

The Lethbridge School Division went over a boundary review for the City of Lethbridge on Tuesday evening. They’ll be changing due to growth in the facilities in the high school and elementary levels, meaning some students will have to switch schools. The Chair of the Board of Trustees, Christine Light, says that there are three main catalysts to changing the boundaries for schools.

Where you send your children to school could be changing in the coming year.

Changes were made because of population sizes, growth in school capacities, and a new elementary school in south Lethbridge.

Light says, "We do have a hardline expectation of the students on the west side being transferred to Lethbridge Collegiate Institute in the fall."

This will be a gradual change over 4 years.

In the fall of 2021, new to grade 9 students will be bused to the LCI, and that will go in tandem for the next 4 years.

Students in grade 9 to 12 will be moving from the west side.

Light has a message for parents who might be stressed, saying, "We understand that these were not easy decisions to make, and these were not going to be decisions that were easily accepted. But we are making them as the best decisions for our students."

If a student is currently in high school right now, they won't be transferred to LCI.

Cheryl Gilmore, the Superintendent for the Lethbridge School Division says the boundary changes have to do with buildings, spaces, and demographics, "What happens if you're over capacity in a school, if you don't change the boundaries, those classes get larger. Not because of resources, but because there aren't spaces to put the students and teachers in."

The Board of Trustees will approve the new boundary changes at a February 23 board meeting.

There will be a feedback loop online for parents to access and provide their thoughts to the Lethbridge School Division from January 13 to 28.