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Local teacher hosts stand up comedy class for students

March 8, 2019

A local stand up comedian and school teacher hosts Southern Alberta's only stand up comedy class.

St. Catherine’s school in Picture Butte offers a unique elective for its students. Stand-up Comedy.  For their final assessment, students will be making roast jokes about their teachers. A stand up comedian himself, Brian Dawydiuk is in his second year of teaching this specific class.

"A lot of people like to be funny, but they like to be funny on their own time. To try to learn how to craft a joke it take writing skills, and then you have to learn how to perform it. So, that's kind of the process we do in the class is...we spend some time learning how to write a joke, set up, punchline, that kind of thing...one liners and what not. By the end they should have practiced and rehearsed and go on stage and try to perform it." says Dawydiuk

On Thursday March 20th, the students will have an opportunity to showcase all of the jokes they wrote in class. They will be poking fun at three of the teachers from St. Catherine's School.