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Lethbridge Transit assists deaf and blind with new system

February 25, 2019

Lethbridge Transit has introduced an automated sound system that allows riders to see when their next stop will be.

Lethbridge Transit is officially more accessible to the city's deaf and blind.

As of Monday Feb. 25, new technology is ready for use in all 42 city busses. The system provides a bright display board at the front of the bus, as well as an automated voice which tells patrons their next stop.

“As they come in (to their stop), people with hearing or visual impairments will get those audio-visual clues. There’s a screen where the next stop is announced through a scrolling text and then a voice-over…if you’ve travelled on subways in other locations, you hear them come up as ‘the next stop is’ so that’s what people will hear and see,” said Mike Ross, transit operations supervisor.

Ross noted that in addition to helping those hard of hearing and blind, the upgrades will also help people who do not experience these barriers.

“If you haven’t (taken) the bus or you’re new to Lethbridge and you have an idea of where you’re going, but where that is you’re not sure (the notifications will help),” he said.

This new initiative has been funded through the provincial Greentrip grant and the Federal Gas Tax.