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Lethbridge's Pet Food Bank open to help during COVID crisis

July 29, 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic its no secret that some people have fallen on hard times, especially with all the job losses and businesses closing down. As a result, food banks have been ramping up their efforts to collect food items for those who are in need. But what if that family has a pet? The city of Lethbridge helps needy families with fur babies through, a pet food bank.

Located at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter, the city wants you to know that even though they're closed to the public, they're still open to help if you need to access the pet food bank for dog food, cat food, or litter.

Please call the shelter at (403) 320-4099 and they will arrange a time for you to come and pick up what you need.

Likewise, if you wish to make a donation to the pet food bank.