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Watermain Break Result of Massive Sink Hole

May 14, 2019

At least 17 households in north Lethbridge are without water for the next two days after a large sink hole collapsed in front of their homes.

The sink hole is at least two meters deep affecting residents on 7th Avenue N near 18 St N. According to the City of Lethbridge it happened late Monday afternoon when a bus drove over the spot, and the road fell in on itself creating the hole. The bus made it over the area safely just as the road collapsed. City workers say there was a car following behind the bus but thankfully there was enough space in front of them that the driver had time to see what had happened and slowed down.

City of Lethbridge foreman, Terry Elliot says this is the time of year for sink holes.

"It's more of a problem when the thawing changes the molecular structure of the ground and then it shifts on us," he says, adding that drivers need to be very aware of what's happening in front of them on the road.

Affected home owners will be without running water until at least Thursday, although the city has brought in an emergency water supply tank where the residents can fill up containers for their homes.