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Mom petitions to remove consumption site after child injured by needle

August 15, 2019

A mother of seven got a big shock recently when she found out her six year old had injured himself on a needle while playing in park.

“I think the needle came from the consumption site," says Janessa Fyfe, who told Bridge City News that her son had described the needle, "like the kind in a doctor's office."

She says a week later his finger still had a purple mark on it and a little pin prick.

"I believe there was not a significant problem before the safe consumption site," says Fyfe. "People weren't reporting that they were seeing needles. There were no signs in parks that said 'found a needle, call this number' there was none of that before, and now we're paying the price for it."

Since then, Fyfe has made it her mission to go door-to-door petitioning to have the safe consumption site removed from Lethbridge and says she plans on being at a rally on Monday.