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Music soars to new heights online for the Vox Musica Choral Society

September 16, 2020

Belting choruses to the rooftops, but from behind a computer? That was the idea for the Vox Musica Choral Society last night as they held their first rehearsal of the season via Zoom. As Micah Quinn explains, the members say this was quite the experience for them, and it was great to be back singing.

From rehearsing in person, to online rehearsals through Zoom. That's the reality for the Vox Musica Choral Society.

For Music Director Joanne Collier, this meant looking at an empty church, with empty pews. "That was very different, but I just tried to get myself into the mindset that-- and imagining that they were just there a few feet away from me. And trying to respond to what I was asking them to do, and what I sensed they were doing. That's very, very different," says Collier.

Collier says there's a real sense of community when she directs. "And the fabulous music, like the great masterful music that we sing is such a vehicle for fostering that in a group of singers. That was more easily achievable last night than I thought it would be," adds Collier.

One of the unique aspects of the society is that it's a non-audition choir.

A singer for the choir, Catherine Ball says, "We have members who don't have a lot of background in music, but are there because they love to sing. They maybe sing with their church choirs, or they sang in university, or they sang when they were in high school. We have members who just wanted that something to be a part of."

The Vox Musica Choral Society says they may consider having a livestream once they are finally able to get back to meeting and rehearsing in person.

For Bridge City News, I'm Micah Quinn.