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Nathan Neudorf on carbon emissions in Alberta

May 21, 2019

Lethbridge East MLA, Nathan Neudorf weighs in on the removal of Alberta's carbon tax.

Lethbridge East and West MLAs Nathan Neudorf and Shannon Phillips were in Edmonton this afternoon to kick off the Spring Legislative session that will run until August 1st.  A top priority for the UCP government is the Carbon Tax Repeal act. Lethbridge East MLA  Nathan Neudorf says that getting rid of the carbon tax, does not mean that the UCP government is not not taking the environment seriously.

"(The UCP is) still leaving in place the tax on emissions for large emitters to really control and work on our emissions because we do want a cleaner, healthier, better environment for the future and our kids."

Premier Jason Kenny has said that the tax will be eliminated by May 30th. Meanwhile, the UCP government adds that there will be about a dozen bills tabled during the sitting including ones proposing to change the minimum wage for young workers and to cut the corporate tax. A full budget is not expected until the fall.