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Nathan Neudorf, UCP Lethbridge-East talks upcoming election

March 19, 2019

Nathan Neudorf, UCP Lethbridge-East Candidate discussed some of his plans for Lethbridge.

The spring election will be the first for Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party. The UCP say if they are elected they will eliminate the carbon tax, get more Albertans working and fight for our province's energy sector. The UCP candidate for Lethbridge East, Nathan Neudorf, stresses that one of his main focuses leading up to election day will be the economy.

"There's a job creation tax cut, there's red tape reduction, there's all of these incentives for small business which Lethbridge East has a huge majority of small businesses. Giving those owners, giving those employees a chance to get back on their feet, get back to work, hire staff that they need because the economy is rolling."

Back in February Neudorf won the Conservative party nomination. Voters will head to the polls on April 16 after Premier Rachel Notley made the official announcement today at an event in Calgary.