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Naturopath who sold the Stephans echinacea said she recommended they take toddler to hospital

June 4, 2019

David and Collet Stephan returned to the Lethbridge courthouse for day two of their retrial.

The couple, who was originally convicted in 2016 of failing to provide the necessaries of life for their son Ezekiel who died of meningitis, appealed their conviction and the Supreme Court of Canada ordered a new trial.  

Tracey Tannis, a Lethbridge naturopathic doctor who sold the Stephans echinacea to help Ezekiel fight his illness took the stand today. She told the court that Collet Stephan had called her clinic and told an assistant she was concerned her son had viral meningitis.  According to David Stephan, she remembered her story differently as to how her exchange with the family took place.

Defence lawyer Shawn Buckley suggested the naturopath only recommended the child see a doctor and that Tannis changed her story after the boy died.