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NDP reveals taxpayers paid for $16,764 flight for Kenney, premiers and their wives

November 7, 2019

According to documents revealed by the NDP, Jason Kenney alongside three premiers and two of their wives spent nearly 17,000 of Albertans taxpayers’ dollars to take a charter flight from Calgary to Saskatoon.

Receipts show that on Jul 8, Conservative Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and his wife Krista Moe, Conservative New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs and his wife Marcia Higgs and former Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod were all on the flight which totaled $16,764.

 The flight boarded 16 total passengers followed a pancake photo-op at the Calgary Stampede.  Kenney told reporters that the move to a Council of the Federation meeting was a “necessary way to spend money,” and that “there were not commercial flights available to get (them) there on time.”

 NDP Leader Rachel Notley responded by saying, “this is a guy who wants us to trust him as he takes 30 million dollars every year of taxpayers money, puts it into a back room and locks the doors so nobody can see what he does with it.”

 Kenney stated that using more expensive charter flights is “exceptional,“but he would not rule out doing it again if needed.