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New Fire Hall being built for West Lethbridge

July 8, 2020

Crews are working hard towards the construction of the new 10 million dollar fire hall in West Lethbridge. The new facility will include 3 drive-thru bays, living quarters, training, along with administrative and support services. The Lethbridge Fire Chief, Marc Rathwell, says this new fire hall was made in part due to a much needed response from the community of West Lethbridge. There is only one fire hall on the West side.

Fire Station #5 will be situated in West Lethbridge, and was given the go-ahead in 2017. Construction started this year.

The Facility Services Project Manager for the City of Lethbridge, Jace Adams says, "We don't have any issues meeting the overall budget for the project."

Marc Rathwell says that the fire service runs lean, and the addition of a third fire bay is important. "This will allow us to put a fire truck-- as we would traditionally see it. A pumper truck, an ambulance, and also maybe a wildland truck, or an additional vehicle to support if we need to be flexible."

The other West side fire station #2 has 3 bays as well.

This station will provide more fire and EMS resources to support operations when something happens. Rathwell says, "Instead of pulling a station all the way from the North side, to run all the way to the West side, to back up the crews, we may not have to pull those stations all the time to do that."

The addition of this new fire hall will also bolster staffing when they respond to fires.

The new Fire Station #5 will be completed by 2021.