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New Leader As Coach program partners with Volunteer Lethbridge

July 16, 2020

Behind every strong team is an even stronger leader. The Leader As Coach Program hopes to teach that to business and community leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteer Lethbridge is working with Casey Executive Coaching And Team Development for a special three day event.

Amanda Jensen is the Executive Director at Volunteer Lethbridge. She says that this is an important stepping stone for businesses to reach further, and to tackle issues like leadership presence, emotional intelligence, and coaching skills during the novel coronavirus pandemic. "We're really adapting to serve the needs of our non-profit partners, and Executive Directors to be able to lead through recovery from this crisis," adds Jensen.

The event will take place over three days, and will be hosted by Volunteer Lethbridge.

Jensen says, "What we're trying to accomplish is increase the leadership capacity that we have in Lethbridge. So, we have a lot of great leaders here, but are leading through very uncertain times. With the advent of covid, and the changes that has brought-- and by changes, I can tell you that our non-profit is facing declining revenues based on their ability to fundraise, and earn revenues like they normally would."

Many businesses are getting help with grants from the provincial and federal government, but there's fear when those grants dry up and have to proceed under this new normal. "Our sector, like every other sector is facing a great deal of financial insecurity right now. To be able to access funds to do this development is a wonderful opportunity," Jensen remarks.

Jensen says, "When we're looking at recovery, we need to give our non-profit organizations as much support as we can. That's why organizations like Volunteer Lethbridge are so critical during this time because we are there to support those that are working on the front lines. We don't do frontline service delivery, what we're doing is trying to build the strengths, and build the assets of the organizations that are doing the work."

"Programs like this are critically important to be able to support in that way. Often as leaders we feel like we're floating out there alone, and potentially we can't talk about things because of confidentiality. Lethbridge is a small community, so we need to be careful about those things. Organizations like this one, and programs like Leader as Coach allows our leadership in our community to have those frank conversations that they need to have, and innovative conversations in order to survive. Then recover, and hopefully, eventually thrive," adds Jensen.

Applicants that apply for the program will also qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Funding if they register before August 25.

For more information, or to register, you can go to http://www.caseyexecutivecoaching.com/leaderascoach?fbclid=IwAR0nAmZ8onJH0r-4Sru73tC5Gq8b41Y-Qv6Gifv-m1BHiaYwsWkTk3GqSG8.