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New micro-classrooms start up as another option for parents not comfortable with bringing their kids back to public school

September 4, 2020

Are you a parent who isn’t sure about whether you should send your child back to public school with large class sizes? Micro-classrooms, or pandemic pods may be the answer. Kinder Studios in Calgary has a new initiative called the Micro-school program. Class sizes are limited to eight children, and the company describes the classes as an alternative to traditional learning. The owner, Liz Hamzeh says she started this program out of a necessity for her own daughter in wanting to give her a more normal school experience.

Hamzeh describes the Micro-schooling programs as a way for kids to be healthy, socialize, and allowing them to learn in a controlled setting.

The reaction to the class from parents has been tremendous Hamzeh says, "We've had an overwhelming response because people are finding this is a viable option for their families. It's something that makes sense for them."

Hamzeh says she didn't want to price gouge parents, especially during the tough time of the economy due to COVID-19, "Our classes are $660 a month. That is from Monday to Friday, half day programs."

All teachers are certified to teach these programs, "All of our teachers are vetted. They are Alberta certified teachers with up-to-date background checks, CPR," adds Hamzeh.

As a teacher, there might be a few reasons that they are choosing this new option of teaching Hamzeh says, "It could be that maybe they have someone in their household that is immunocompromised, it could be they are immunocompromised, or they are just uncomfortable with the guidelines."

The programs are full at the moment, but if parents are looking for an area where a new pod could be located, she says Kinder Studios will be able to look into it.

Hamzeh doesn't want people to think she is against public schools by creating these new classes, but that this is another option for parents who might not be comfortable in bringing their kids back to public schools.

For more information on the micro-schooling programs, you can visit https://kinderstudios.ca/.