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New West Theatre broadcasts one last radio play online and announces drive-in radio plays

July 21, 2020

New West Theatre has been putting on online old-time radio plays and streaming them to the public. The last radio play is taking place on July 23rd, and the Artistic Director, Kelly Reay, says these radio plays will feature Flash Gordon, and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

New West Theatre has had to adapt to the changing times due to COVID-19. They decided to make radio plays to be streamed online for the public to view.

Kelly Reay, the Artistic Director of New West Theatre says, "New West theatre has come up with a series of old-time radio plays is what we're calling it. Kind of the classic radio plays from the 30s and 40s. Plays that are read, and stories that are told from our ensemble of performers. They're broadcast every Thursday in July."

"They're very campy, they're very silly, they're very to the time period that they were originally written in. We're embracing that, and having fun," adds Reay.

The old Flash Gordon shows were essential in the writing process for the original Star Wars movie as well, and Reay is a big fan of the Science Fiction classics from the 70s and 80s. "I remember reading George Lucas's interviews about sort of how he was inspired by the serialization of the Flash Gordon series. So, that's why he wrote all the Star Wars episodes."

Reay says the reaction to the radio plays has been strong from viewers. Reay adds, "Being a new experiment, a new endeavour, we weren't sure the way it was going to be received. We're really pleased that people are embracing it. It's partly to do with people are starved for content, starved for entertainment right now."

New West Theatre is also hosting an outdoor drive-in. "We'll have a stage outdoors at Exhibition Park. Cars will drive in, park, and then you can tune into a radio frequency to get the audio feed, and enjoy the show from the comfort of your car."

The production for the drive-in event radio plays will be mid 50s to mid 60s for the music range for the show. Reay says, "We're trying to create a unique experience for viewers. You drive onto the grounds, and we're gonna have rows of classic cars. We're gonna have performers performing songs from that era."

There will also be roller bladers bringing popcorn to vehicles.

The capacity for the amount of cars for the drive-in events will be 150.

To purchase tickets you can visit https://www.newwesttheatre.com/.