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Old YMCA building may be too old to renovate, according to city

May 6, 2019

While Lethbridge is enjoying the new YMCA location on the west, the old YMCA building in the downtown location at 514 Stafford Drive sits empty ever since the City of Lethbridge took back the keys on April 23. But what is in the future for this building?

Bridge City New spoke with Conrad Westerson, Facilities Services Manager for the City of Lethbridge to see what may be in store for the old location.

"We've had a hazardous materials inspection done on the facility. And we're just having a look at the building for condition and we're going to do an analysis and we're going to present that to council," he says.

From there, Westerson says, it will be up to council to make a decision on what happens to the building.

He says that because the building was built back in the 1960's it does not follow any of the current building codes, also adding that It wasn't designed to be anything but a YMCA. Westerson agreed that the site likely would have to be demolished prior to anything new moving in.