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Opposition to Pathway 24

June 9, 2020

A Lethbridge man has created a petition in opposition to Pathway 24, which would see a 3km pathway and stairs built over an existing trail in the coulees. Bryce Nugent is the creator of the petition, and he says that this opposition is not just from a group of athletes, but that it is coming from the general public. The project would cost the city $1.7-million. As of today the petition has over two thousand signatures. Nugent also says, "We feel our petition shows what Lethbridge residents want, and Pathway 24, isn't it." The petition declared victory on Friday with over 2,000 signatures in three days. The petition had 5 points that people could read and decide if they were in agreement and wanted to sign. 1. Against any pathway development in Six Mile Coulee by the City of Lethbridge 2. Against spending an astronomical $1,700,000 on Pathway 24 3. Support the building of a pathway (of any kind) around the Country Club (interconnecting Six Mile Coulee and Fort Whoop-Up) 4. Support the building of more sustainable bridges in place of the volunteer-built ones 5. Support the implementation of proper signage of existing single-track trails in Six Mile Coulee