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Peoples Gathering encourages discussion and teaching

June 30, 2020

The Peoples Gathering will take place on Canada Day tomorrow in Moses Lake. The event is meant to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and show support for First Nations, and people of color who have experienced racial inequality.

The group Idle No More is heading up the days activities, and they are hoping to teach more about the history of the Blackfoot people, and educate people about the history of the First nations group.

William Singer III says, "In order to make change, you need to take action. Whether it's going up to talk to your elders, or community leaders, you have to take that action. Because you can't stand by. It's something we all have to do."

Idle No More is encouraging people top wear masks, and follow social distancing guidelines if they come to the event.

The rally will take place from 12pm to 3pm at the parking lot of Moccasin Flats Plaza in Moses Lake, Alberta.

All are welcome.