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Pharmacists in Lethbridge administer COVID-19 tests

July 29, 2020

More than 4,500 asymptomatic COVID-19 tests have been administered by pharmacists in Alberta. A limited number of pharmacies in the province are taking part in the pilot phase of the initiative to test for the coronavirus. The Medicine Shoppe in Lethbridge is one business that has been testing for COVID-19 locally.

"We encourage people to make sure you get tested regularly, especially when you are in contact with (the) vulnerable, or you will be in contact with (the) vulnerable. For a young person, the chances of complication is less, but for people who have chronic disease like diabetes, asthma...it will get worse from day one. We don't want to fool around with this virus," says Pharmacist, and Medicine Shoppe owner, Vishal Sukhadiya.

The Medicine Shoppe has administered about 900 tests in July. In April, the province announced its plans to have 20,000 tests done a day by May. That goal has not yet been reached.