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Plans for exhaustive search of Marshal Iwaasa underway

June 15, 2020

Lethbridge Police say plans are being finalized for an exhaustive search for 26-year-old Marshall Iwassa, who was last seen in Lethbridge on November 17th.

LPS says they are working with British Columbia RCMP to plan a search of the remote and mountainous area where his burned out vehicle was found a week after his disappearance. Search efforts were suspended over the winter months but as a result of the ongoing snow melt, a preliminary search was initially conducted by Pemberton RCMP last month. The May search did not yield any new results and an exhaustive search of the terrain will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Police are planning a media conference today about the upcoming search. We will bring you more information at 5 p.m.

Here is a look back at an in-depth interview BCN did with family member Kassi Iwaasa, in March, 2020.