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Politicians are "just baiting people", says cattle rancher

April 10, 2019

A local cattle rancher says the campaigns that are leading up to the Provincial Election are filled with empty promises.

What do seniors, youth, business owners and farmers have in common?  Not a lot sometimes when it comes to politics.  We felt it was important to hear various perspectives when it comes to the upcoming election.

Martin Van Popta, Manager of Harvest Haven says that politicians are making campaign promises to appeal to voters, but adds those are empty promises and most key issues are not being fully addressed. "People are not voting based on what they think is right, good, and just for the majority of people." says Van Popta. "They're voting based on their 'pet' issues and whoever promises them the most gold."

While Van Popta did not say who he feels should win the election, he did have some criticism of the current NDP government, particularly with Rachel Notley.