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RCMP Coaldale Address Rural Crime

April 18, 2019

Staff Sargent Glenn Henry of the Coaldale RCMP presented to Lethbridge County Council on Thursday afternoon.

Lethbridge County Council gathered this afternoon to discuss rural crime. RCMP Sergeant Glenn Henry stresses that when reporting crime in rural areas, no call is too small.

"Let us know what's going on in the rural areas. The councillors will certainly message that themselves but through your audience can reinforce the fact that you kn ow what, we have crime in the rural areas. We recognize that we need help to solve that crime. If the rural residents don't call the police, if they think it's not a big deal to do, you know some gas or a suspicious vehicle, from a policeman perspective, if we don't hear from the community, we don't think there's anything going on. We need that help. We have some very good examples of when rural residents have contacted us and we were able to put our resources together and have had some arrests."

Glenn Henry was joined by an officer from the Picture Butte detachment, and has been sharing the same message with council members in other Southern Alberta communities.