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Ready to Rise campaign has $1 million goal

July 10, 2020

Lethbridge College is trying to raise $1 million in financial aid and mental health initiatives for its students. 

The program is called Ready to Rise. Its target is students who are in need of financial support. College officials explain that there are two different areas of need.

"Their financial needs and stresses (were) creating mental health concerns. We said 'let's launch the Ready to Rise' campaign and see if our donor community would support initiatives that would help students with their mental health concerns and financial need concerns," says Oliver Twizell, Director of Development and Alumni Engagement at Lethbridge College.

Student Chair of Mental Health and Wellness, Ednna Stobschinski, shared why she believes the campaign is important.

"Having academic commitments can be very overwhelming at times, and having that as a back up and a resource can definitely help and feel encouraged to reach out for help. Especially mentally speaking when it is needed".

The College has already raised nearly 240,000 dollars. You can make a donation at LethbridgeCollege.ca/readytorise