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Residents concerned of suspicious activity at north end home

June 24, 2019

Police say if you suspect any drug or crime related activity in your neighbourhood to call them right away.

Bridge City News was notified via social media about a suspected drug house in Lethbridge.  Some of the neighbours by the home located at 235 20 Street North say there has been a lot of suspicious activity and theft in the area and are quite concerned.  

“...loser pricks trying to steal kids bikes… Trish and [I] chased them down the back alley to this house. Got her bike back from some dude who was on it.  And he dropped his pipe…” says one Facebook user.

Facebook user shares post of his child's bike theft. Image courtesy: Facebook screen capture

Alicia Davis, a nearby resident says she has noticed a considerable amount of activity related to that home.  “They stole stuff from my yard.  My neighbour’s stuff, but in my complex.” She writes in a Facebook comment.

Lethbridge Police have notified The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) and are investigating.  At this point, there is no confirmation that it is, in fact a drug house.