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Another Major Motion Picture to be filmed in Fort Macleod

March 20, 2019

Fort Macleod prepares for Hollywood filmmakes coming to town.

Fort Macleod is a historic Alberta City. It has attracted the eyes of Hollywood filmmakers in the past, and once again will be filming a major motion picture. The town has helped set the scene for Brokeback Mountain, Interstellar, and the TV series Fargo.

"We're kind of a filming mecca for a little town. One of the beauties of having a historic town is there's not a lot of art and set decor that needs to happen when you've already got historic buildings on your main street," says the towns Chief Administrative officer Sue Keenan

Mayor Brent Feyter has lived in Fort Macleod for his entire life. "The old CIBC I remember going in as a child, just doing the banking and so on. Queen's Hotel is an amazing looking building." 

Fort Macleod is one of two towns in the province with the main street preserving its original heritage buildings.