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River Valley Engagement Project looks to Lethbridge residents for feedback

October 13, 2020

The City of Lethbridge is looking for feedback on the current state of the River Valley. They will do this in the form of a 15 minute public engagement survey which is being distributed. This survey will be mailed to every household in the city.

Chris Witkowski, the Parks Planning Manager for the City of Lethbridge, says that this project is about getting feedback from residents, "About how they use it, and some strategies for planning for the future so we can have this good balance. And protect the River Valley for generations to come."

All of the questions on the survey will have guidance to them adds Witkowski, "We're asking people to either talk about their concerns, or their uses. We'll have some prepopulated answers. There are also open-ended areas too."

"We're not trying to get rid of any forms of recreation, we're just trying to establish what are people wanting to do in the River Valley for recreation. That could be active recreation from running, and cycling, to photography, meditation, and bird watching," emphasized Witkowski.

To view the household survey, you can visit https://getinvolvedlethbridge.ca/river-valley-use-engagement