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Saying goodbye to the old Highway 3 bridge; City announces plans for $100 million replacement

March 15, 2019

After a lot of consideration, officials announced the winning bid to rebuild the Highway 3 bridge. The announcement made Friday morning at Lethbridge City Hall that the government will be spending $100 million to replace the existing bridge, is one of the city's most significant milestones this year.

Mayor Chris Spearman said, “It’s about partnership and working together. What we have seen is tremendous growth in the economy of Lethbridge and diversification, in terms of agricultural production, seeing the Cavendish plant coming onstream this year, adding 7,000 more trucks a year. Highway 3 is our commercial route in and out of Lethbridge; so this is important.”

The Highway 3 bridge over the Oldman River will become a six lane stretch of road to accommodate the estimated 34,000 vehicles that cross the river on a daily basis. Alberta’s Minister of Transportation Brian Mason said the funding for the project is set to come from the Government of Alberta’s capital plan.

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks said,“There will be an estimated 308 direct jobs and 221 indirect jobs generated during the construction of this bridge.”

Construction of the new bridge is set to start in 2022.