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Sexual Assault victims in Alberta can now access hotline

May 7, 2019

The province of Alberta has created a hotline, where victums of sexual assault can seek support via phone or text.

The Chinook Sexual Assault Centre in  Lethbridge offers counseling, crisis support, court support, and advocacy for victims of all genders and ages. The province has now added additional support in the form of a helpline. People can simply dial 1-866-403-8000, seven days a week, from 9AM to 9PM. CEO of the Chinook SexualAssault Centre, Kristine Cassie, says this line offers an alternative to face to face support, which can be difficult for victims.

 “Trust is a major issue, and so they want to test out the waters a bit and this is a good way to do it, is to make that call even if its anonymous—to talk about what your situation is and where that next step can be to start your healing.”

 The helpline is also able to translate over 200 languages, including Cree.