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Sexual misconduct allegations against former LPS inspector

February 17, 2021

The Lethbridge Police are dealing with sexual misconduct allegations against a former employee. The CBC first broke the story of Bill Kaye who spent 35 years with the LPS and recently resigned from a victim's advocacy group after one of his clients, who is a domestic violence survivor, claimed she felt forced into a sexual relationship with him.

The woman claims Kaye initiated an unwelcome sexual relationship with her when he was part of the Domestic Violence Action Team in Lethbridge. Kaye has not been charged and the allegations have not been proven in court. The client, named Emma in the report, says she first met Kaye in 2018 when she was 25 and he was 58. In a release today Lethbridge Police had this to say: "The Lethbridge Police Service is aware of the sexual assault allegations against a former employee and has been made aware that a formal complaint has been filed with Coaldale RCMP. The alleged incidents are reported to have occurred long after the staff member retired from the Police Service in 2014. Although the incidents are alleged to have occurred within the City of Lethbridge, Coaldale RCMP were requested to continue with the investigation to avoid any conflict of interest."

The woman who is known as "Emma" in the report, told Bridge City News today via text message Wednesday, "What LPS is doing is extremely offensive, and reflects what they have done this entire time, acting in self interest."  Emma went on to say LPS is trying to discredit the CBC reporter, adding that they are also throwing RCMP under the bus "when the RCMP has been completely professional and unbiased with being the middle man for the LPS...RCMP has acted with strict ethics and respect for all sides."