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"Shut the plant down," says president of United Food and Commercial Workers Union on Brooks meat processing plant

April 22, 2020

Union warns that meat packing plant in Brooks is postponing the inevitable by staying open after facility in High River was temporarily shut down due to outbreak of COVID-19.

The JBS plant in Brooks had recorded 67 cases as of Monday. Company officials say they are trying to ensure their facility remains open but will not operate if it is not safe or if absentee levels result in an inability to operate safely.

Meantime, Thomas Hesse, the president of the United Food & Commercial Workers Union which represents workers at both JBS Brooks and Cargill in High River, says says workers aren’t feeling safe because of the outbreak, so they haven’t been showing up for work - and they have every right to do that.

"If you reasonably believe your work is dangerous, you don't have to do it," says Hesse, adding that JBS needs to shut the plant down.