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Stomping out the Stigma of Mental Illnness

May 10, 2019

By the age of 40, nearly half of adults will suffer from a mental illness. The vast majority of those will never see a doctor for it. These are the type of alarming statistics that Sparta House exists for.

The clubhouse drop in centre is specifically designed to be a safe space for adults living with a mental illness in Claresholm, AB. On Saturday, May 11 the non-profit organization will be holding their first ever "Sparta Stomp", a 5K run/walk. Their hope is to raise awareness and begin stomping out the stigma of mental illness.

"We chose the name Sparta because we wanted to convey the strength that people with mental illness have," says Carrie Dahl, Executive Director of Sparta House. "We were noticing that people would generally fear someone with a mental illness or they would have pity on them.

"We want people to understand how strong a person with a mental illness really is because they have the same society expectations as everyone else but theyre' doinngit it with an internal battle of their own brain," she says.

The program currently has around 94 members.

The 5K run takes place this Saturday and begins at 10 a.m. outside of Sparta house in Claresholm.

To register or for more information about meeting times, please visit www.spartastomp.com.