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Students are Police Officers for the day

May 9, 2019

Lethbridge Police Service hosted their 5th annual Youth Police event.

It was kind of like bring your kid to work day, but without the parents.  Grade eleven and twelve students participated in a tour of the Lethbridge police station. They also sat through a classroom session which detailed some of the daily activities of local law enforcement.  

 “We’ve barely sat in the chairs.  We’ve been moving from different places within the building to do different demonstrations.  Even the traffic demonstration was outside.  Right now, the students are doing a demonstration with tactical in our basement, and they’re getting to use the robots and use some of the equipment that the tactical officers get to use,” says LPS officer, Mike Darby

 It can be difficult knowing what you want to do after high school, but for these students, the criminal justice field is the path they are choosing.  

 “My dad was a police officer.  I remember being really young and going to his graduation ceremony, and ever since I figured out what he did, I’ve always wanted to be a cop. I’ve been to the station multiple times when I was young.  I got shown around, I’ve seen the cars—they were so cool.  I remember going to school the next day (saying) ‘my dad’s a cop, look at all this cool stuff that he gets to do’ and now that I’m older I really want to pursue that career,” beamed grade eleven student, Taylor Andrewalthouse

 Thirty-five students applied to take part in the program, and twenty were selected to participate.  The students were asked to submit a short essay explaining why they should be chosen.  The students are preparing to head to Calgary next week, for a more in-depth day of learning at the police station.