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Students will head back to school starting in September

July 22, 2020

Students will be getting off of the couch, and back into the classroom this fall. Jason Kenney and the UCP announced yesterday that all schools will be reopening in September. The Lethbridge School Division has made plans for the restructuring of their schools.

The Superintendent of Schools for the Lethbridge School Division, Cheryl Gilmore, says that class sizes will stay the same for students, depending on if parents want to bring their children back.

Gilmore adds that the Lethbridge School Division is ready to come back, "We developed re-entry guidelines, plans for a parent guide, we have a staff handbook for re-entry. We've spent a lot of time with our school administrators in June making sure that everyone was clear and understood the protocols."

Mask wearing will be up to the parents, and they can choose to have their kids wear a mask or not. Staff will also have access to masks.

"We want staff to be comfortable, and feel safe. And we want students to be safe, and families to feel confident that we have protocols in place," says Gilmore.

Hand sanitization and hand washing will be part of the routine as students come into the building and into classrooms as well.

If there is a case of COVID-19 at a school, Gilmore says that Alberta Health Services would take the lead on any cases. "We would just simply follow Alberta Health Services rules in a timely and expedient manner."

Gilmore acknowledged that one of the things the staff from the Lethbridge School Division said in June is how much they missed their students. "One of the reasons people go into education is they have a passion for children, and working with youth and children. So, that certainly will be a celebration for them. At the same time, that's not to diminish that this is under different circumstances. Classrooms will look different, protocols will make classrooms look different. There's always a level of nervousness that comes with anytime that there's potential risk. Our goal is to have staff feel safe, and have our students feel safe."