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Stuff the Bus campaign fills backpacks full of school supply items to help support students returning to school

July 21, 2020

MyCityCare is looking for items for their Stuff the Bus campaign. The goal for Stuff the Bus is to help out underprivileged families who have school aged children. They will be providing the items the students need for the upcoming school year.

Backpacks are being filled with items, and Jen Tribble, the Director with MyCityCare says that they will be accepting donations right up until the end of August.

A lot of faith-based community groups have joined in with helping for the Stuff the Bus campaign.

The Director of MyCityCare, Jen Tribble says, "Everyone seems to be really excited. We're all kind of hoping that we'll go back to school in the fall. We have two kids at home that are going stir crazy."

"I think anything we can do to help alleviate-- like, especially the tension in families and households financially is huge. To be able to provide a program like this year-to-year, especially during COVID is that much more important. There's going to be that many more families affected and impacted by the current situation and climate of what they're experiencing right now economically, and through COVID-19," adds Tribble.

To get involved with the Stuff the Bus campaign, you can email carol@myvictory.ca to help out with volunteer opportunities like packing backpacks.

You can also drop off donations at the downtown location of MyCityCare.

For more information you can visit their website as well.