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Swimming pools can re-open as early as this Friday. Will they?

June 10, 2020

The Alberta Government announced Tuesday that they will proceed with Stage 2 of the relaunch strategy this Friday. Newly allowed activities will include personal services, movie theatres, community halls, arenas, and even swimming pools - which was originally planned for Stage 3.

While many people are excited to see aquatic facilities re-open, General Manager of Recreation and Culture, Robin Harper says it will likely be a couple of weeks before that can happen.

While the facilities have been closed for some time, there are re-opening guidelines set forth by the province that would need to be followed.  These include, recalling of laid off staff, new cleaning procedures, setting up hand sanitizer stations, and social distance markings.

“We really appreciate the community’s understanding that we need to go through this process, and again we need to make sure we are doing this in a safe manner for everybody involved…” says Harper.

Director of Emergency Management Mac Rathwell says that the City was not given any prior notice about Stage 2, and therefore there was no ability to plan ahead.

“As soon as the premier and Dr. Hinshaw came out, that’s when we got our notice.”

Rathwell adds there are no official timelines for when a lot of the city structures will be re-opened. A list of which City of Lethbridge facilities and services are open can be found on their website here.