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Syphilis outbreak in Alberta

July 17, 2019

Alberta has declared a syphilis outbreak, and says it has not seen this many cases since 1948. 

In Southern Alberta, the STI has 31 reported cases — that is an increase of 138.5 percent since 2017. Alberta Health Services South Zone says that there are many risks involved with the infection, some that could be transferred to the fetus. 

"The fact that we've seen about...a little bit more than twenty cases of congenital syphilis or syphilis in babies who were born to women who were infected in the last two years really is concerning. It's an indication that some women are falling through the gaps in not getting in for pre natal care," says Alberta Health Services Chief Medical Officer, Laura McDougall.

A provincial outbreak coordination committee has been activated to study and deal with the syphilis outbreak.