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The Alberta Government cuts carrier permits for the trucking industry

July 30, 2020

The Alberta Government is eliminating over 10,000 commercial carrier permits as a way to cut red tape for truckers. Commercial carrier trucks in Alberta have to match a specific size, weight, and limit. Alberta truck drivers have to obtain permits in Alberta for equipment that is allowed in many other jurisdictions. Al Nelson is the Dispatcher at CJD Trucking, and he says that this new information is good news for the trucking industry.

The Minister of Red Tape Reduction, Grant Hunter says, “This is another step Alberta’s government is taking to make it easier to do business in our province. By cutting red tape and updating this outdated regulation, we’re saving truckers and companies both time and money so they can stay focused on creating jobs and supporting our economy.”

The Alberta government says by January 2021, more than 15,000 provincial carrier permits will be eliminated to streamline processes and reduce costs for carriers.

Alberta boasts over 25,000 commercial carriers, and 136,000 commercial vehicles.