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Trader Tales comes to Fort Whoop-Up

July 15, 2020

This year, Trader Tales at Fort Whoop-Up will feature a live performance by a local actor and performer from New West Theatre to play the part of a man that was key to the building of Fort Whoop-Up. As Micah Quinn explains, the performance will feature jokes, stories, and music for the whole family to enjoy.

Andrew Legg will perform around the campfire in Fort Whoop-Up and recount tales of the past as the character of John J. Healy. Healy was instrumental in building Fort Whoop-Up in 1870.

In years past, performers worked on the the stage at Fort Whoop-Up. This year, Andrew Legg will go to work beside the campfire at The Fort.

Chris Roedler, Resource Development and Volunteer Coordinator for the Galt Museum and Fort Whoop-Up says, "Our stage was basically being able to use the whole compound around here, and the actors were able to use that. For this year, we have one actor that's going to be sitting around the fire, doing what he can in order to bring that story to life as a one man play. We're very excited to be working with Andrew Legg at New West Theatre to be able to bring that out."

One of the hardest parts of getting into character for Andrew Legg was figuring out what material he was going to bring to the show. "That's the challenging thing for me I find is reading through and really getting a sense of who was this guy, what is his worldview, and then displaying that worldview. And not putting my moral stamp on it, or not putting my kind of spin on it to soften it, or to harden it up. He was just a really interesting guy. There's enough there. I guess the biggest challenge is what to leave out," adds Legg.

To purchase tickets to Trader Tales, you can visit https://fort.galtmuseum.com/