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Trucker wants more industry accountability before “The next Humboldt”

March 27, 2019

Coaldale trucker says it is about time that the industry makes roads safer for everyone.

A lawyer for Sukhmander Singh, of the now-defunct Adesh Deol Trucking says his client pleaded guilty in a Calgary court today to five of eight charges that were laid in the wake of the Humboldt bus crash that killed 16 people last April.  The charges include failing to maintain time logs for drivers, neglecting to ensure his drivers complied with safety regulations and not having or following a written safety program.

Allan Nelson is a trucker with CJD trucking in Coaldale.  He says it’s about time that the industry is held accountable and that it is good that new trucking regulations have now been implemented to make our roads safer.  “Manitoba and Ontario are already on board with new regulations.” says Nelson who adds that the Alberta regulations are still in the works, but will mirror what has already been implemented in Manitoba and Ontario.