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U of L alumnus to meet Pope Francis

October 24, 2019

University of Lethbridge alumnus, Dr. Austin Mardon is a man who received the Order of Canada, and previously met with Pope John Paul II

He has also been rewarded for his work with Schizophrenic patients like himself. Most recently, Mardon and his wife accepted the Order of Saint Sylvester. On November 6th, they will be heading to the Vatican for a personal meeting with Pope Francis.  Mardon says he could not do any of it without an unshakeable faith in Christ. 

"My Christianity impacts everything, it's like the primary movement behind my life and my social activity—my contributions to society. And, why I do what I do. I do it because I think that a lot of people talk about faith. Faith without action can be a little hollow."

Mardon, who is a U of L graduate, has written 20 books and worked on 110 other publications.