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U of L Students sleep outside to fundraise for Woods Homes

March 11, 2019

A group of University of Lethbridge Students plan on camping outside of the school to raise money for Youth Homelessness.

Many people agree that the increase in homelessness in Lethbridge over the past couple years is a crisis. University of Lethbridge students plan to take charge bringing light to this problem in dramatic fashion. There are two students who will be sleeping outside for five days straight, while more than 30 students will camp out on alternate days.

"If you don't do it, then someone might do it, so you never know and so I think it's better to just put yourself out there and just do it." says one of the 5 Day campers, Elizabeth Waddle.

"It's a lot. I really respect every single person—even the people that are just doing it for one day, because these winds are not easy" says director of the 5 Days Campaign, Muskaan Walia

The group of students hopes to fundraise $4,000 over the five days, with all of the proceeds going to Wood's Home's in Lethbridge.