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Waterton Lakes National Park plans for Canada Day traffic

June 29, 2020

Waterton Lakes National Park is planning their Canada Day celebration, and this means that there will be an abundance of vehicles trying to make their way into the park. The park says they are hoping to be able to get in as many people as they can, within the covid-19 guidelines as they monitor traffic levels within.

There are no group events being run at Waterton Lakes National Park, but they are hosting an online celebration. Jon Stoesser is a Communications Officer at Waterton Lakes National Park, and he says, "We will have fun virtual activities or celebrations that people can follow along with us, right at home."

Traffic Contractors will help keep vehicles moving through parking lots that are full. They will then be moved to other parking lots.

John Stoesser says, "We have a very robust communication plan in place as well. This allows us to provide traffic updates in a timely manner. We can use our website for this, social media, Alberta 511. All those different channels are great places for visitors to get information on what's going on trafficwise at the park. We encourage visitors to do that, planning ahead."

The park is still trying to promote physical distancing and personal hygiene when visitors come down.

For information on what’s open and closed at Waterton Lakes National Park, you can visit the Parks Canada website.