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Whoop-Up parade to honor Humboldt Bronco Logan Boulet

June 25, 2019

Exhibition Park dedicates Whoop-Up parade opening to Logan Boulet

This year's theme for Whoop-Up days at Exhibition park is family. One family that has made a significant impact on the Lethbridge community are the Boulets. After losing their son Logan in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, his legacy has lived on through the promotion of organ donation and contributions to the Logan Boulet foundation.

It was an emotional morning for Toby Boulet; when he thinks about Whoop Up days he’s always taken back to all of the years spent with his family.  

"The community of Lethbridge is an excellent community, and we're so proud to be part of it, and we're so proud that people want us to continue to be part of the community. We want to continue to give back. That's what we do β€” just giving back what people gave to us." 

For anyone interested, all donations from the parade entries will go to the Logan Boulet foundation. You can also participate by heading to greenshirt.ca and purchasing a t-shirt to wear during the parade.