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Winter cycling with Pastor Blair Stretch

March 5, 2019

Blair Stretch says the idea that winter cycling is reserved for extreme, hard-core people is a misconception. He says there are many benefits to winter cycling — environmental, health, and financial.

“With the right apparel, you can ride in any temperature or any climate, and you can do it comfortably,” says Blair Stretch, Associate Pastor at The Gate Church Lethbridge. “Yes, it’s getting very cold, but there are other places that are colder and people ride year-round — there’s apparel designed for all temps.”

In temperatures below freezing, Stretch recommends something you’d wear on a ski trip. Look for a synthetic-insulated coat that has an inner thermal layer and a wind-resistant outer layer. If you start to get a little sweaty as you pedal, make sure to zip open and get some air five minutes before reaching your destination. Your legs could use an extra layer, too.

One of the easiest layers to add to a wardrobe is a pair of leggings or winter cycling tights, both of which can fit comfortably under work clothes.

Stretch says that when it comes to winter riding, you should pedal as slowly as you want. Not only will riding at a relaxed pace keep you from overheating, it will also give you time to be extra-observant of road conditions and other commuters.