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Woman in stormtrooper costume believed to be carrying gun

May 4, 2020

Lethbridge Police were called to a Star Wars themed restaurant called Co Co Vanilla Galactic Cantina Monday morning.

There were reports of someone in a stormtrooper uniform who allegedly had a gun.

"The officers approached the person and provided verbal directions for that person to drop the weapon. The person did not comply with police verbal directions. Eventually they did after multiple orders given by the police officers," says Inspector Jason Walper.

Staff at the Co Co Vanilla Galactic Cantina were shaken up about the incident.

"Police officers had shown up to our business (with) guns drawn at our employee. I believe there might have been some communication issues because she had a stormtrooper helmet on," says Co Co Vanilla store owner, Brad Whalen.

The individual was not charged with any offences.