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Young Spirit Music is for future generations

May 31, 2019

Indigenous drumming group makes music with a message

About eighteen years ago, Jacob Faithful and his 2 brothers began what would become Young Spirit. The group now has members from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, California, Nevada, Montana and Washington.  

“I would be the Glen Sather of the Oilers dynasty era—that’s basically my role.  I’ve become kind of the GM of the group.”

Their last album was nominated for a Grammy, and won an Indigenous Musical award.  It was dedicated to missing and murdered Indigenous women, while their upcoming album highlights mental health.  All of their music comes with a message attached.  

"We need to look at society as, are we going to be part of the solution or part of the problem? And, if you're not part of the solution well guess what, you're part of the problem. How are you going to be part of the solution? That's where I encourage and challenge our youth to explore that."

Jacob and his family are moving to Lethbridge this month.