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YQL participates in Social School for the day

May 28, 2019

Many patricipated in Social School at Lethbridge College

It is the world we live in —everyone is online. Businesses today are taking advantage of the digital world, and using it to market their products.  The Lethbridge Chamber sponsored a Social School today at the college, where people could gain valuable tools to reach their audience. According to Social School founder, Kelly Duty there is a certain strategy involved.

"So many of us are wondering how to get seen—we're starting on social. we're starting to use the business friendly tools at our disposal, but we still feel like we're kind of scrambling or knee jerking our way through it. We really like to take businesses back a few steps and start with a strategy that makes it sustainable but also fun and converting."

 The Social school is based in Calgary, and travels around the province, educating students on how to become more social media savvy.